Terms and conditions of use

The company providing the online store and delivery service. Customer: The person using the online store and delivery service. Products / Goods: Products ordered by the customer. Perishable Goods: All products in the Flowers, Cakes and chocolates and Indian Sweets sections. Non – Perishable Goods: All other products except perishable products. Products: The products delivered to the recipient will be generally as per the description of the article and as per the picture chosen by the customer. In using the sendcakesroses.com, shopping service, of sendcakesroses.com online services you (The Customer) are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions listed below. sendcakesroses.com reserves the right to add, delete, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time. The Customer is therefore advised to read carefully these terms and conditions each time he or she uses the shopping service(s) of sendcakesroses.com.

By placing an order the client is authorizing the company to pass on the order to the respective merchant / vendor and make sure the product is delivered to the given address. While rendering the service the company is acting only as an authorized representative of the client and not as his agent or in any other capacity. The company shall be handling the material only as a service provider and its liability shall be restricted to that of a baillie under the contract Act. Nothing contained herein shall create or be deemed to create or construe a relationship between the parties such that sendcakesroses.com is regarded as a seller or purchaser of the Vendor / Merchant’s products and all sales and purchases of the Vendor / Merchant’s products pursuant to an order placed on the sendcakesroses.com are transactions between the customer placing an order for the same on the sendcakesroses.com  and the Vendor / Merchant. sendcakesroses.com  is an online store for the vendor / merchants to host and sell his merchandise and a facilitator of the sales contemplated herein. sendcakesroses.com will bill the customer shipping charges for the delivery and execution of the order placed by the customer.