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  • The Grand Sweets & Snacks


    Sweets are the most delicious food in the world. Sweets are always referred to the mouth watering dish. There are many sweet shops are there and the best among them is The Grand Sweets And Snacks. made you easier to buy your favourite sweets from the Grand sweets and snacks in online. Now we are in a tie up with the Grand sweets and snacks and you can celebrate all the festivals with our sweets.

    The Grand Sweets and Snacks is a sweet shop and eatery chain based in the city of Chennai, India. It is famous for the sweet dish AKKARAVADASAL which is distributed at free-of-cost as prasadam to customers. The prasadam are given soon after their morning and evening prayersto all our customers. Our customers get to taste the prasadam in leaf bowls called ‘donnai’.

     The Grand sweets and snacks was founded in 1982 by Mr.G.Natarajan a first generation entrepreneur, who after a series of business setbacks started this food business in a small way at Gandhi nagar, Adyar in Chennai, by capitalizing his wife Bangaruamma’s culinary skills, dipped into her personal recipies and started making and selling the generic snacks, traditionally made by the old ladies of the house- the sweet mysore pak and ladoo as well as the crunchy, savor  mixture.

    The Grand Sweets Online

    The Grand Sweets offerings are legendry for their quality and taste. The manner in which the shop got its name is an interesting story. This sweet shop was a small establishment back in the early 80’s and one of the customers commented that the sweet tastes really ‘grand’, tats how the name came into being ‘The Grand Sweets and Snacks”. Slowly and steadily today it has grown into a store of global fame. It was built on a strong foundation of tradition, hygiene and simple home atmosphere.

    The best ingredients are sourced with no compromise on quality and prepared by specialized staff who have decades of experience in preparing traditional sweets and savouries. We never use any preservatives or artificial flavouring in any of our items. Our products are prepared fresh everyday.

    For over 30 years, the Grand sweets and snacks has been a single outlet to keep up with tradition and quality. Due to the growing demand of customers we decided to open a few baby steps and opened a few outlets across Chennai. A centralized factory has been opened in suburban Chennai where the sweets and snacks are prepared to maintain highest quality and hygiene. Items are prepared on daily basis and delivered to outlets in Adyar, Sastri nagar, Anna nagar and T.Nagar outlets.

    Diwali sweets from The Grand Sweets

    In each of our outlets there is an open kitchen which serves traditional items like adai-avial, appam –stew, kuzhipaniyaram, thanjavur poli etc. Our main products are the traditional Indian sweets like laddoo, jangiri, jilebi, poli, Bengali sweets, pedas and savouries like murukku, thattai, cheedai, mixture etc. Along with readymade rice mixes like pulikkachal.

    Enjoy The Grand Sweets across India.

  • Adyar Ananda bhavan...


    Adyar ananda Bhavan is reffered to as house of joy. In the recent years the popularity of Adyar ananda bhavan is increasing to the greater extent because of the quality sweets they provide.we use high degree of professionalism to manufacture sweets and snacks. Adyar ananda bhavan is also popularly known as ‘A2B’. Adyar Ananda Bhavan produces sweets which are typical to our traditional sweets. The evergreen sweets of A2B are mysorepak, rasagolla and the multi variety sonepapdies. The sweets and snacks are liked by most of the people in Chennai.A2B takes great care about hygiene and the service rendered to the customers. No Extra cost for shipping

    The workers those who work in A2B are also most co-operative to the customers so that they fulfil all the needs of customers in the great way. Now you can also order sweets in online with the help of easily. The workers of A2B are capable of  making sweets with the same quality every time they make it. This is the main reason of A2B to become more popular all around the world.

    Providing quality products became the main aim and great work of A2B. There are many sweet shops in Chennai city but still A2B proves to be the best with the help of  their ultimate service for many years. K.S. Thirupathi Raja the founder of A2B, initially he started a small sweet shop known  as Ananda Bhavan in 1975 at banglore. Later in 1978 he started his second shop Sri Ananda Bhavan in Chennai. These names where later changed as Adyar Ananda Bhavan after opening his third shop in Adyar in 1988.

    A2B has now 150+ branches covering Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Erode, Madurai, Trichy, Tripur and the states of Karnataka, Pondicherry and New Delhi. The quality and the service of A2B are increasing day by day to a great extent. The sweets menu of A2B has now crossed more than 450 varieties and even special sweets for diabetic peoples are also available.

    The promoters Venkatesan and Srinivasa Raja always work with a main goal of preserving their unique tradition, as well as making new sweets to satisfy the new generations. Adyar ananda Bhavan sweets can be purchased through  to order sweets online and gift your loved ones. Its always our tradition to buy sweets and take them when we visit our friends and relatives. Now u can save your time by ordering sweets in online.

  • Shree Mithai
    • Send potato chips from shree mithai sweets.
    • Salt Badam from Shree mithai Sweets.
  • Ganga Sweets

    Order and Send High Class Ganga Sweets to India

    started in the year 1992, Ganga sweets always endeavor towards serving Ganga sweets the exclusive selection of best-tasting and mouthwatering sweets where its lip-smacking taste can never resist you from asking for more. Ganga Sweets's give you the very best and exotic Indian taste (Laddu, Kaju Kathli, Badhusha, Badam Halwa and lot more). Regardless of any event or occasion we have been spreading sweetness in everyone’s life with our highly scrumptious sweets that would surely tantalizes your taste buds. Order and Send High Class Ganga Sweets to India to your dears for all Occasions through our Online shop. Ganga Sweets can be delivered across India.

    The Secret Ingredient

    With the eminent masters from nook and corner of India, we prepare authentic sweets and savoury for every occasion in the traditional method, so our sweets provide a traditional taste in every bite.

    Ganga sweets

    The first shop of Ganga sweets was opened in Thirumangalam Anna Nagar West Extension and under the dynamic leadership of Mr. K. Nalliah our sweet shop has gained a wide acclamation in the domain for its quality and reliable service. To our greatest credit today we have are blessed with more than 14 branches covering various prime locations in and around Chennai. Send the best and most extensive variety of Ganga sweets online.

    Ganga sweets Gift boxes

    Ganga sweets extensive array of sweets and savories are exemplary for all kinds of special events right from wedding bashes birthday celebrations to family occasions and religious ceremonies. Apart from the divine taste and matchless quality of our sweets we have also earned a firm trust from numerous customers for our timely and impeccable services. Every sweet delicacy is passionately prepared by our well-experienced chefs who always make use of finest and freshest ingredients and flavors. Moreover all our sweets are packed in attractive gift boxes which are truly ideal for all your special occasions.

  • Sri Krishna Sweets

    Sri Krishna Sweets is a pioneer in traditional sweets and savouries, with an uncompromising commitment to high quality and unmatched taste. Sri Krishna Sweets has exclusive outlets in 60 plus locations across the country, and in the UAE. The sumptuous sweets are part of an ever-growing spectrum of pure ghee sweets, milk sweets and syrupy delicacies. The scrumptious savouries range from traditional south Indian snacks like the household murukku and thattai to innovative recipes that tickle the palate.

    The brand has become part of the local flavour in all of the countries it is present in, as well as in a few others it isn't.

    Sri Krishna Sweets has also broken new ground in production efficiency, quality checks, and packaging, with several innovations to their credit. Their employee policies are one of the most empowering and rewarding in the industry.

    Online orders Of Sri Krishna Sweets mixed Nowadays . We are seeing a gifting culture in online purchases with buyers placing orders to be delivered any where in India . Enjoy the Sri Krishna Sweets across India. Order Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore pak

    Life is full of special little moments with your loved ones. A special occasion augurs the best of everything that is sweet and savoury, which will remain in memory for years to come as monuments to relationship that matter. Sri Krishna Sweets respects these and gives the best of life in the form of sweets and savouries. We give an irresistible blend of the richest ingredients, unique texture and mouth-watering aroma. Sri Krishna Sweets offering will open up joy, togetherness and unmatched taste. A handpicked selection of sweets that communicate warmth and radiate positivity.

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Famous sweets from branded sweets

 Our Chennai sweets are procured from sweet shops which are renowned for producing finest quality sweets. Sweet shops like Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B), Grand sweets, Ganga sweets, Sri Krishna sweets, Shree mithai  are a number of our tie-ups in Chennai when it involves sweets. Thus the delivery of quality sweets is assured. We erected to facilitate our customers in Chennai to acquire sweets online and obtain online sweets delivery of an equivalent in Chennai without the effort of traveling to sweets shop. We provides customers with wide sorts of sweets online in Chennai to satisfy up with the growing demand for sweets online in Chennai. The purchasers can easily place an order for any sortsof sweets online in Chennai because of the user-friendly interface of our website which portrays sweet collections of Chennai during a unique manner. The location enables customers topick sweets supported shops, variants of sweets available in Chennai that we'll provide prompt online sweets delivery in Chennai.

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We are one among the most important online sweets shops when it involves Sweets online in Chennai. Our range of sweets includes specialty sweets from other parts of India also . Customers can flick through our sorts of sweets online famous to Chennai like Tirupathi Laddu, Adhirasams, Soan Papdi, Pottukadalai Urundai, etc. We also deals in other specialized Indian sweets which have Bright colors, different flavors, immense varieties, aromatic spices and forgotten tastes. All put together to make sure an out-of-the-world experience to Your loved one in India . Order sweets online in Chennai. Age isn't a bar when it involves enjoying sweets. To receive a present box of tasty sweets may bea dream come true for all, everybody wishes to send gifts to your loved ones who aren't nearby and spread the enjoyment. We makes your dreams into reality by providing you with a spectacular online sweets delivery service in Chennai. Be it the North Indian sweets or south Indian sweets of Chennai that we've a fanatical page sweet online for Chennai, the selection is endless with Us. is one among the most important online sweets shop in Chennai. We are delivering a number of the simplest quality sweets online within Chennai or across India.

Exquisite Range of Sweets Online in Chennai

Sweets and savories are imperative things of Indian traditions, during olden days, may it's special day or any festival, and that we make sweets and share it with all our relatives and neighbors. We follow these traditions even now. Now with Us , you'll get your required Chennai sweets or any savories online and residential deliver it to your dear ones across and forget the difficulty of preparing it. we've special pages dedicated for regional specialty sweets famous to cities like Chennai. Sweets are on the brink of the hearts of Chennaites just the way music has been. Now thanks to the web , We devoted ordering sweets online . Let it's any sorts of sweets, We can deliver it at your door step.

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