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Adyar ananda Bhavan is reffered to as house of joy. In the recent years the popularity of Adyar ananda bhavan is increasing to the greater extent because of the quality sweets they provide.we use high degree of professionalism to manufacture sweets and snacks. Adyar ananda bhavan is also popularly known as ‘A2B’. Adyar Ananda Bhavan produces sweets which are typical to our traditional sweets. The evergreen sweets of A2B are mysorepak, rasagolla and the multi variety sonepapdies. The sweets and snacks are liked by most of the people in Chennai.A2B takes great care about hygiene and the service rendered to the customers.

The workers those who work in A2B are also most co-operative to the customers so that they fulfil all the needs of customers in the great way. Now you can also order sweets in online with the help of easily. The workers of A2B are capable of  making sweets with the same quality every time they make it. This is the main reason of A2B to become more popular all around the world.

Providing quality products became the main aim and great work of A2B. There are many sweet shops in Chennai city but still A2B proves to be the best with the help of  their ultimate service for many years. K.S. Thirupathi Raja the founder of A2B, initially he started a small sweet shop known  as Ananda Bhavan in 1975 at banglore. Later in 1978 he started his second shop Sri Ananda Bhavan in Chennai. These names where later changed as Adyar Ananda Bhavan after opening his third shop in Adyar in 1988.

A2B has now 54 branches covering Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Erode, Madurai, Trichy, Tripur and the states of Karnataka, Pondicherry and New Delhi. The quality and the service of A2B are increasing day by day to a great extent. The sweets menu of A2B has now crossed more than 450 varieties and even special sweets for diabetic peoples are also available.

The promoters Venkatesan and Srinivasa Raja always work with a main goal of preserving their unique tradition, as well as making new sweets to satisfy the new generations. Adyar ananda Bhavan sweets can be purchased through  to order sweets online and gift your loved ones. Its always our tradition to buy sweets and take them when we visit our friends and relatives. Now u can save your time by ordering sweets in online.

Showing 1 - 16 of 148 items