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Sweets are the most delicious food in the world. Sweets are always referred to the mouth watering dish. There are many sweet shops are there and the best among them is The Grand Sweets And Snacks. made you easier to buy your favourite sweets from the Grand sweets and snacks in online. Now we are in a tie up with the Grand sweets and snacks and you can celebrate all the festivals with our sweets.

The Grand Sweets and Snacks is a sweet shop and eatery chain based in the city of Chennai, India. It is famous for the sweet dish AKKARAVADASAL which is distributed at free-of-cost as prasadam to customers. The prasadam are given soon after their morning and evening prayersto all our customers. Our customers get to taste the prasadam in leaf bowls called ‘donnai’.

 The Grand sweets and snacks was founded in 1982 by Mr.G.Natarajan a first generation entrepreneur, who after a series of business setbacks started this food business in a small way at Gandhi nagar, Adyar in Chennai, by capitalizing his wife Bangaruamma’s culinary skills, dipped into her personal recipies and started making and selling the generic snacks, traditionally made by the old ladies of the house- the sweet mysore pak and ladoo as well as the crunchy, savor  mixture.

The Grand Sweets Online

The Grand Sweets offerings are legendry for their quality and taste. The manner in which the shop got its name is an interesting story. This sweet shop was a small establishment back in the early 80’s and one of the customers commented that the sweet tastes really ‘grand’, tats how the name came into being ‘The Grand Sweets and Snacks”. Slowly and steadily today it has grown into a store of global fame. It was built on a strong foundation of tradition, hygiene and simple home atmosphere.

The best ingredients are sourced with no compromise on quality and prepared by specialized staff who have decades of experience in preparing traditional sweets and savouries. We never use any preservatives or artificial flavouring in any of our items. Our products are prepared fresh everyday.

For over 30 years, the Grand sweets and snacks has been a single outlet to keep up with tradition and quality. Due to the growing demand of customers we decided to open a few baby steps and opened a few outlets across Chennai. A centralized factory has been opened in suburban Chennai where the sweets and snacks are prepared to maintain highest quality and hygiene. Items are prepared on daily basis and delivered to outlets in Adyar, Sastri nagar, Anna nagar and T.Nagar outlets.

Diwali sweets from The Grand Sweets

In each of our outlets there is an open kitchen which serves traditional items like adai-avial, appam –stew, kuzhipaniyaram, thanjavur poli etc. Our main products are the traditional Indian sweets like laddoo, jangiri, jilebi, poli, Bengali sweets, pedas and savouries like murukku, thattai, cheedai, mixture etc. Along with readymade rice mixes like pulikkachal.

Enjoy The Grand Sweets across India.

Showing 1 - 16 of 144 items