• Raksha Bandhan Gifts


          Sendcakesroses launched a new concept of gifting rakhis to your Brothers, sisters and your family members. Lets welcome Rakhi with auspicious wishes & smiles. This year Raksha Bandhan  coming on August 7. The bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. Rakshabandhan or rakhi is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding by tying a holy thread around the wrist. This thread which pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments is rightly called the Rakhi, since it means a bond of protection and it signifies that the strong must protect the weak from all.

    Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is celebrated with a lot of reverence in India. It is celebrated in the shravana month during the full moon day or purnima day. It is the time for the entire family to get together and celebrate Rakhi with gifts, sweets and blessings.

    Sendcakesroses has the vast collection of Rakhi gifts. The rakhis from sendcakesroses are unique and best choice for celebrating Rakshabandhan. Sendcakesroses is the right choice for all your gifting needs online in India.  Now you can send Rakhi gifts to your loved ones anywhere in India. Now you can choose from the unique selection of rakhi’s,  rakhi gifts and sweets available online to send anywhere  in India. Send gifts online in Chennai.

    Sendcakesroses offers the best quality and widest selection at lower prices with guaranteed delivery on that special day to make the moment memorable for you and your loved ones. Sendcakesroses is the onestop solution for gifting online with fast and reliable to make moments memorable.

    The good Qualities of Sendcakesroses are

    • ·        Timely Delivery

    • ·        Unique collections
    • ·        Quality assured gifts

    Sendcakesroses allows you to select gits according to your requirements such as Rakhi gifts for sister, Rakhi gifts for Brother, Personalized Rakhi Gifts, Rakhis with sweets

  • Valentine`s day


    Valentine`s day is the most romantic day of the year and  it  is  celebrated in the month of love (FEBRUARY) every year. Valentine`s day is said to be the festival of love. Valentine`s day provides an opportunity to enhance the status of love and to strengthen their bond of  love.

    Buy and send Valentine`s day Gifts across India 

    Valentine`s day is celebrated by all age groups of people as an event of love and romance every year. love is the essential thing in a human life, which makes people to enjoy their life. Every one has rights of love and romance in their life, he or she has rights to search for his/her love at this day. Sending greetings on occasions was very popular at the middle age and it continues still. People searches some popular and romantic places to celebrate the valentine`s day. Valentine`s day festival was celebrated for a week which is known as valentine week. Each and every day of the valentine week is very special and is enjoyed all over the world.


    Rose is said to be the symbol of love and peace and hence the valentine week starts with rose day, it is the first day of the week. People celebrate rose day by offering roses to each other and it is celebrated not only by the lovers, it is celebrated by friends too. Each and every colour rose has a separate meaning, Send Rose day online gifts through sendcakesroses.com Red: indicates love and romance. Pink: indicates admiration, gentleness, grace, joy, sweetness and said to be happiness. White: indicates peace, innocence, purity and charm Yellow: indicates brightness, cheer, joy and happiness ( all together said to be friendship) Lavender: indicates love at first sight. Orange: indicates energy, enthusiasm, excitement and desire. Peach:  indicates thank you.


    The second day of the valentine week is propose day. It is celebrated by young couples by proposing each other. There is no predefined way to propose. If your love for someone is true then you would know how to make them feel happy and special. Send PROPOSE DAY online gifts through sendcakesroses.com


    The third day of the valentine week is chocolate day, on this day people gift chocolates to their loved ones. Each and everyone in the world loves chocolates, chocolates makes everyone feel happy. If you could not express your feelings on propose day you can make use of the chocolate day. Send chocolate day online gifts through sendcakesroses.com.

      TEDDY DAY:

    The fourth day of the valentine week is the teddy day. Girls generally have a love on teddy. So after some sweetness of chocolate, gifting a teddy will make your girl friend very happy. Order Teddy day online gifts through sendcakesroses.com


    The fifth day of the valentine week is the promise day. The day is celebrated by making promises on the day which helps them to lead healthy relationships. Couples make promises on promise day and try hard to stand on their promises no matter what happens, and it is the best and sweetest part of the relationship. Making promises are easy but it is hard to maintain and fulfil their promises. A true relationship is when both of them keep their promises and make possible efforts to keep their promises. Send promise day online gifts through sendcakesroses.com

    HUG DAY:

    The sixth day of the valentine week is hug day. As the day names couples hug each other and shows their comfort on each other. The comfort which they feel at that moment is priceless. hugging each other increases love. Whenever your loved one are feeling sad give them a tight hug, they will feel secured and relaxed. Hug tell them am there with you and it tightens your relationship. Send Hug day online gifts through sendcakesroses.com


    The seventh day of the valentine week is kiss day which comes just a day before the valentine`s day. The couples kiss each other on the kiss day which becomes a memorable day for them. Kissing is the sweetest gesture to expose their love. It gives a special feeling and makes their day  a special one. Send Kiss day online gifts through www.sendcakesroses.com   At the end of valentines week the special valentines day comes which is celebrated by each and every one in the world happily. Sendcakesroses.com helps you in finding appropriate gifts for your loved ones for the valentine`s week. Gifts by relation Gifts by variety Gifts by days Valentine Gift for Girlfriend Valentine Chocolates Rose Day, Propose Day Valentine Gifts for Husband Soft Toys for Valentines Chocolate Day,Teddy Day Valentine Gifts for Wife Flower Bouquets Promise Day, Hug Day Valentine Gift for Boyfriend Valentine Roses Kiss Day, Valentine Day

  • Easter Gifts

    Easter Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Easter Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Ugadi Gifts · Everlasting Easter Gifts ·Lucky Easter Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Tamil New Year Gifts

    New Year Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Tamil New year · Laddu · Fruits Tamil New Year · Everlasting Tamil New Year ·Lucky Tamil New Year · Kaju Katli.

  • Baisakhi gifts

    Baisakhi Gifts – a day to celebrate, have fun and exchange gifts Baisakhi is an important festival celebrated by the people of Punjab and Sikhs in particular. This auspicious day is not only an important day for the farmers who rejoice it as a harvesting festival but also as Khalsa Panth – foundation day of Sikhism. Normally, Baisakhi falls on the 13th April of every year and on 14th of April every 36 years once adhering to the solar calendar. Farmers make use of this day to thank god for the bountiful harvest and also seek blessing so that the trend continues in the coming years too. The day starts early, after taking bath all wear new dresses and visit holy places of worship and the whole day is spent by singing, eating and dancing. Baisakhi Gifts Online Apart from exchanging greetings, it is customary to exchange gifts too. A big list is dutifully prepared well ahead of Baisakhi so that every one of them receives a well deserving gift leaving none. Punjabis strongly believe that gifting strengthens love and thickens bonds between relatives and friends. Selecting suitable gifts for all can be really challenging but when you shop at SendCakesRoses.com you will definitely feel that you have come to the right place. Because, this biggest online store has everything from cakes, chocolates, dry fruits and nuts, flowers, fruits, sweets to home décor times that can be sent as gift hampers to all those you love and care. Many Punjabis who have migrated to various parts of the world need not feel bad for not being present physically among their dear ones as they can always buy gifts online from our Online shop and send them to their beloveds no matter where they live in India utilizing the free-delivery service. Baisakhi Gift ideas Fresh flowers, fruits and nuts always make good gifts for those who consider health as their wealth while puja items including diyas, idols of gods and decorative thalis will be appreciated by the elderly and spiritually inclined people. We have these in various options and budgets. Since Indians are connoisseurs of sweets, sweet gift boxes and chocolates will light-up the day for teenagers and kids for sure. Home décor gifts would an ideal choice for married relatives and friends. We have a big collection of crockery, cutlery and decorative pieces to help you make a right pick. There are various personal items and accessories like handbags, sunglasses, power banks and many more too that can be gifted to people whom you know better than anyone else. For more gifting ideas visit our Online shop and you will enjoy  that decision.


    DIWALI GIFTS Online.

    Diwali is a day to celebrate the festival of lights by conveying the message of love to your loved ones through amazing gifts Like Sweets , Personalized Gifts , Flowers , Dry Fruits , terracotta Jewellery etc., .Make the celebration grand and memorable by sending your loved ones exclusive gifts through Sendcakesroses.com. express your warm feelings and love for your dear ones through a wide selection of heart warming gifts to suit different tastes from www.Sendcakesroses.com  Diwali is the time of grand celebration as it is the biggest Indian festival that is celebrated across the country with great excitement. It is the auspicious festival that celebrates the victory of good over bad.

    Online Diwali Gifts 2022

    Deepavali the festival of lights is the most loved occasions of India!. Diwali is an occasion that celebrates the victory of good over evil. Coming Diwali 2022 will be very exciting one if you buy sweets online with us. Normally during this Diwali festival gifts like sweets are exchanged between family and friends. We are leading online shop to buy Diwali gifts online. We provide this online Diwali gifts across India . You can send Diwali gifts by siting any place of India to any other place in India. For example if you are in Mumbai , you can send gifts to any place of India like Delhi ,Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore , Ahmadabad, etc., with our online shop www.sendcakesroses.com

    We have more verities of gifts Like Diwali Sweets , Diwali gifts for him, Gifts on Diwali, Diwali gifts for kids, Diwali gifts for her, Diwali gifts for husband, Diwali gifts for wife, Diwali gifts for employees, Diwali Gift Hampers , Spiritual gifts , Diwali Flowers, corporate Diwali gifts, Diwali gits for corporate, Dry Fruits , Diya Online , Diwali gifts ideas, Lakshmi ganesh pooja: The thing that defines Diwali and its auspiciousness  in the best way is Laxmi ganesh pooja that is done by every hindu family on the  evening of Diwali celebration. Laxmi ganesh pooja is in  fact the most important ritual of diwali celebration and without this pooja no one  is suppose to start their diwali celebration. On Diwali the tradition of making rangoli is been followed by years. Over years the craze of rangoli making has increased a lot. The art of  colourful design  making on the floor with coloured powders attracts people of every age. It is basically done on the entrance  floor of the home on diwali. Apart from the festive rituals, people love to greet their near and dear ones with Diwali wishes and convey their love and care to them. Another very popularly followed rituval of diwali is exchanging gifts among close and dear ones. It is being believed that sharing gifts with loved ones is the way of sharing happiness and love on the auspicious day of diwali. Thus when Diwali is round the corner  people start their shopping for Diwali gifts as well as Diwali sweets to greet their loved ones on the auspicious day. The most cheerful and exciting part of Diwali festival is lighting eathern diyas and candles at home as well as firing crackers at night after laxmi pooja is over. So now get ready for celebration of Diwali 2021, hurry and get started the  Diwali preparations with Sendcakesroses.com to share happiness and illuminate home and heart.  

    Diwali Sweets by verity         For recipients         Diwali Gifts by items GHEE SWEETS Diwali Gifts for Husband SWEETS DRY FRUIT SWEETS Diwali Gifts for Wife      FLOWERS DRY FRUIT SWEETS Diwali Gifts for Employee Devotional Idols MILK SWEETS Diwali Gifts for Family Chocolates

  • Bengali New Year Gifts

    New Year Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Bengali New Year · Laddu · Fruits Bengali New Year · Everlasting Bengali New Year ·Lucky Bengali New Year · Kaju Katli.

  • Vishu Gifts

    Vishu Gifts - Flowers and Cake. Vishu Gifts -Flowers and Sweets. Vishu Gifts - Cakes and Teddybear. Vishu gifts to kerala.

  • New Year Gifts

    New year gifts for employees - New Year gifts for husband - New Year Gifts for family . The traditional modern gift for new year.

  • Pongal Gifts

    Pongal Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Pongal Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Pongal Gifts · Everlasting Pongal Gifts ·Lucky Pongal Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Sankranti Gifts

    Sankranti Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Sankranti Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Sankranti Gifts · Everlasting Sankranti Gifts ·Lucky Sankranti Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Lohri gifts

    Lohri Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Lohri gifts · Laddu · Fruits Lohri gifts · Everlasting Lohri gifts ·Lucky Lohri gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Ugadi Gifts

    Ugadi Wishes with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Ugadi Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Ugadi Gifts · Everlasting Ugadi Gifts ·Lucky Ugadi Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Gudi Padwa Gifts

    Padwa gift for wife. Padwa gift for wife in marathi . Padwa gift for husband. Unique gifts for wife. Buy / Send Gudi-Padwa Gifts Online|Order Gudi Padwa gifts.

  • Parent's Day Gifts

    Parent's Day Gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Parent's Day Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Parent's Day Gifts · Everlasting Parent's Day Gifts·Lucky Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Bakrid gifts

    Bakrid gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Bakrid gifts · Laddu · Fruits Bakrid gifts · Everlasting Bakrid gifts ·Lucky Bakrid gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Janmashtami

    Krishna Janmashtami gifts Online. Krishna Janmashtami gifts Online. Krishna Janmashtami gifts Online. Krishna Janmashtami gifts Online. Free home delivery

  • EID Gifts

    EID Gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the EID Gifts · Laddu · Fruits EID Gifts · Everlasting EID Gifts ·Lucky EID Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Friendship Day Gifts

    Friendship Day Gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Friendship Day Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Friendship Day Gifts· Everlasting Friendship Day Gifts ·Lucky Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Ganesha Gifts

    Ganesha Gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Ganesha Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Ganesha Gifts · Everlasting Ganesha Gifts ·Lucky Ganesha Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Onam Gifts

    Onam Giftswith Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Onam Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Onam Gifts· Everlasting Onam Gifts ·Lucky Onam Gifts · Kaju Katli.

  • Navratri Gifts

    Navratri Gifts with Roses n A2B Sweets · celebrate the Navratri Gifts · Laddu · Fruits Navratri Gifts · Everlasting Navratri Gifts ·Lucky Navratri Gifts · Kaju Katli.

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India is a land of Festivals, and no Month passes by without a Festival being celebrated. There is a lot of pomp, splendour and gaiety associated with each Festival. Sharing of Gifts, Gift Articles and Tokens of money are a part of such celebrations. Some of the major Festivals are mentioned in this Category .  

We are specialist in delivering gifts across India for the occasions Republic Day (26/01) , Valentines Day Gifts (14/02), Womens Day (08/03), Jamshed-E-Navroz (21/03), Holi (29/03), Gudi Padwa (13/04), Ugadi (13/04), Akshaya Tritiya (14/05), April Fool Day (01/04), Easter gifts (12/04), Mothers Day (10/05), Eid-Ul-Fitr (23/05), Fathers Day (21/06), Parents Day (26/07), Friendship Day (30/07), Bakra-Id (30/07), Rakhi (03/08), Son and Daughter Day (11/08), Independence Day (15/08), Onam (22/08), Teachers Day (05/09), Grandparents Day (13/09), Boss Day (16/10), Karva Chauth (04/11), Dhan Teras (13/11), Childrens Day (14/11), Diwali gifts (14/11), Bhai Duj (16/11), Christmas (25/12), New Year gifts (01/01), Lohri (13/01), Pongal (14/01), Makar Sankranti (15/01).Have a memorable cheerful celebration for all festivals of India.