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  Dry Fruits and Nuts In this hectic daily schedule that we follow day in and day out, we all need to be and feel like a superhero to get to the end of the day. The surge of energy that keeps us going also depends on our food habits. However, having dry fruits and nuts not only helps us satiate those uninvited hunger pangs but also are a great resource for instant energy. Why do you think all those energy bars mainly constitute this superfood? You can get your “shot” of nuts and dried fruits from brands like Happilo, Eighty7, Al Fajer Mart, Al, Hanzala, and more.  Assorated Dry Furit Sweets What are Dried Fruits?  As the name suggests, dried fruits are basically fresh fruits that have been dried. These fresh fruits are usually dehydrated using sun-drying. However, they can also be dried and preserved using drying techniques. With the water content of these ex-fresh fruits being removed, their dried form becomes a storehouse of energy and concentrated nutrients. You can have dried fruits along with your breakfast to jump-start your day or during mid-meal breaks for energizing yourself.  Having said that let us take a look at some of the benefits of including dry fruits and nuts in our daily diet:   Boost Immunity   We all would love to stay hale and hearty for a long period of time. Well, we can start by including dried fruits such as walnuts (akhrot), almonds and dates in our daily diet. These nuts and dried fruits contain vitamin E, niacin, and riboflavin that help keep your cells healthy, thereby improving your immunity.   Aids in Weight Loss  When consumed in moderate amounts, nuts and dry fruits help you reduce weight and stay fit. In fact, many prefer having their badams soaked. This helps release enzymes that help in digestion of fats.   Keeps Your Guts Happy  Not to talk about your fearlessness, but nevertheless including dried fruits in your daily diet would make you feel unconquerable. The fibres from dried fruits, both soluble and insoluble, help improve digestion. The soluble fibres not only act as a probiotic in the guts but also preserve good bacteria that help keep your guts happy.   Anti-ageing and Skin-friendly  Yes, you read that right. Dry fruits, when used in face masks, can help control ageing. Dry fruits, especially including pistachios, help give you a radiant and glowing skin after removing dead skin cells.   Improves Bone Health  As we age, the bones of our body become weaker due to the constant wear and tear. Dry fruits like dried plums support bone formation, improves bone density and makes the bones stronger.  Apart from the above-mentioned benefits dry fruits and nuts have other benefits too. In fact, you are in perfect place to choose from a wide range of nuts and dried fruits such as cashews (kaju), pistas, and more. Buy your favourite nuts and dried fruits now at discounted prices.  Shop for delicious and nutritionally rich dry fruits and nuts at best prices only at SCR.Order the best quality cashews, almonds, pistas and Other dry fruits. Send them as dry fruit tray or combo gift along with teddys, cakes and chocolates across India.