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Baisakhi Gifts – a day to celebrate, have fun and exchange gifts Baisakhi is an important festival celebrated by the people of Punjab and Sikhs in particular. This auspicious day is not only an important day for the farmers who rejoice it as a harvesting festival but also as Khalsa Panth – foundation day of Sikhism. Normally, Baisakhi falls on the 13th April of every year and on 14th of April every 36 years once adhering to the solar calendar. Farmers make use of this day to thank god for the bountiful harvest and also seek blessing so that the trend continues in the coming years too. The day starts early, after taking bath all wear new dresses and visit holy places of worship and the whole day is spent by singing, eating and dancing. Baisakhi Gifts Online Apart from exchanging greetings, it is customary to exchange gifts too. A big list is dutifully prepared well ahead of Baisakhi so that every one of them receives a well deserving gift leaving none. Punjabis strongly believe that gifting strengthens love and thickens bonds between relatives and friends. Selecting suitable gifts for all can be really challenging but when you shop at you will definitely feel that you have come to the right place. Because, this biggest online store has everything from cakes, chocolates, dry fruits and nuts, flowers, fruits, sweets to home décor times that can be sent as gift hampers to all those you love and care. Many Punjabis who have migrated to various parts of the world need not feel bad for not being present physically among their dear ones as they can always buy gifts online from our Online shop and send them to their beloveds no matter where they live in India utilizing the free-delivery service. Baisakhi Gift ideas Fresh flowers, fruits and nuts always make good gifts for those who consider health as their wealth while puja items including diyas, idols of gods and decorative thalis will be appreciated by the elderly and spiritually inclined people. We have these in various options and budgets. Since Indians are connoisseurs of sweets, sweet gift boxes and chocolates will light-up the day for teenagers and kids for sure. Home décor gifts would an ideal choice for married relatives and friends. We have a big collection of crockery, cutlery and decorative pieces to help you make a right pick. There are various personal items and accessories like handbags, sunglasses, power banks and many more too that can be gifted to people whom you know better than anyone else. For more gifting ideas visit our Online shop and you will enjoy  that decision.

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